• Image of Family Stitch
  • Image of Family Stitch
  • Image of Family Stitch
  • Image of Family Stitch
  • Image of Family Stitch

What's Included:

•Each FamilyStitch is designed and hand stitched. Each will be framed in a 6 inch (or larger depending on number of characters) wooden hoop ready to hang.

•Last Name

•Your choice of detail:
Heart, skyline, grass with flowers are all free choices.

•IF YOU WANT THE EMBROIDERED FLOWERS AT THE TOP, those are additional and need to be added to your cart before checking out please. 🌺

•don’t forget to count your pets as one character each. Cat and dogs.

•each additional figure is $50/each

⭐️After placing your order please email kristi@familystitch.com the following information/details:

-Photo(s) of the Characters
-Outfit preferences (if different than the photos sent)
-Last Name (lower case or all upper case)
-Any other details you would like me to include...facial hair, glasses, pet collar color...

** Please have photos ready when placing order. I stitch these in order of whose photos I receive first.

** Please remember that these stitches are my artistic take on your photos. They will not be exact portraits. If you have a very specific detail or hair/skin coloring you would like me to get PERFECT please give me those details ahead of time.

I reserve the right to post the final product to my social media, but will work with you on timing so that I don’t ruin any surprises! ;)

Coming Soon